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xjs cabrio 1989

Dick Veldink

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Uit de bijbel van Kirby Palm:


TROUBLESHOOTING: Randy Wilson sends this procedure:  “With the engine cranking, check for:

                Power to the ballast source

                Power to the coil + post

                Ground switching on coil ‑ post  (if so, you should have spark)

                Ground to amplifier case

“If everything passes except the ground switching on the coil, then it’s in the amplifier or its wiring.

“A scope put on the pickup leads should give a modified sine wave pattern typical of magnetic induction sensor.  At crank speed, I think it’s around 1.5V peak-to-peak.  No scope pattern is a bad pickup.”

“I’ve never personally seen the pickup go bad, but have run into cracked wires in the pickup harness.  Quite often jiggling the harness will cause the problem to “correct” itself; sometimes for many years.  Everything working fine after doing the scope check is bad pickup wires.”

If your car runs well when cold but gets uppity when hot and you suspect the ignition amp, you might try pouring some water on it to cool it off.  If the car runs well again, you have definitely narrowed the search for a cause down to something in that little black box!

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