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Jaguar speeltje voor €550.000,-

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Just 53 Jaguar XJR-15s were ever made and this model has barely seen the light of day making it a collector's dream

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 Jaguar XJR-15 that’s covered just 15 miles a year since 1991 is expected to sell for £500,000. The British supercar has racked up just 385 miles having been kept in storage since the eccentric owner bought it.


The ultra-rare XJR-15 is one of just 53 made and has a top speed of 190mph thanks to a huge 6.0-litre engine. The owner was attracted by its beautiful styling rather than performance, though, and kept the supercar tucked up in his garage after driving it just once. After 26 years, the unnamed owner has finally decided to dust it off and put it up for sale.

The two-seater Jaguar XJR-15 was based mechanically on the Le Mans-winning Jaguar XJR-9. Its aerodynamic body was dreamed up by XJR-9 designer Tony Southgate and Peter Stevens, who went on to style the McLaren F1 supercar. And combining its beauty, performance, low-mileage and ultra-rare status, the XJR-15 is expected to command a price tag of half a million pounds at auction.


Rob Hubbard, Bonhams’ car specialist, said: “This is a stunning original Jaguar XJR-15 with only 385 miles on the clock from new. “The current owner is an artist who was attracted by the car’s beautiful styling. Unbelievably, he only drove it once before putting it in the garage and never taking it out again.


“He would go in once in a while to start the engine up and listen to the superb sound it makes. But the car hadn’t seen the light of day until I pulled it out the garage a few weeks ago. “It’s always fantastic to find something special tucked away in a barn, but even more so when it has such low mileage.


“It’s in remarkably original condition and remains just as beautiful as it was over two decades ago.” The Jaguar XJR-15 will be sold at Bonhams’ Goodwood Revival sale near Chichester, West Sussex, on September 9.


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